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เทคนิคการเล่น (tecnic) เควส (quest) สกิล (skill) การอัพสกิล (up skills) มอสเตอร์ (monster) ไอเทม (item) ดันเจี้ยน (dungent) การใช้เมนู (menu) การเล่นเบื้องต้น videoการเล่นdekaron ของอาชีพทั้ง 6 คือ Azure Knight , Bagi Warrior, Incar Magician , Segita Hunter , Segnale , Vicious Summoner

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2Moons is a free MMORPG video game published by Acclaim under the direction of David Perry. The game is an adaptation of Korean MMORPG Dekaron by GameHi for the North American market, featuring a new story line. Closed beta testing ended March 7th, 2007. The open beta testing phase, which began July 30th, 2007, has experienced several delays. Previously, a commercial launch was planned for the summer of 2007, but due to the open beta delay, Acclaim has been unable to give an official launch date for the game. As stated by David Perry, Acclaim is "the new kid on the block" in the MMORPG market, and they have had many issues to fix while preparing for the open beta launch of the title.

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เทคนิคการเล่น Hunter การอัพสกิลlv.1-90

เทคนิคการเล่น Hunter การอัพสกิลlv.1-90
Congratulations on selecting a hunter!

This guide will get you up to level 90 using what is known as the lvl 12 dagger Full Heal hunter build. This is the build that I recommend to all new hunters starting the game.

Starting Out (level 1-12):

Until you hit level 12 on your hunter you will be using your bow as your only weapon. At level 12 you will buy your bow and dagger that you will keep until level 90.

Training Location: Outsite Loa/Braiken Castle/ & Lower North Morte/North Aries

Your Weapons to buy:

Yes, thats right you will be using the same weapon the entire time! A hunter gets the majority of their damage from the skills and not the level of weapon like most other classes. While they are wasting points into str/dex/spr to hold higher weapons you will be allocating all your stat points into gaining more hp and shield.

Stats at level 12: Str 8 Dex 18 Heal 41 Spr 3

Skill Layout at level 12:

Level 20:

Training Location: Denebe>HeiHarp

Stats at level 20: Str 8 Dex 18 Heal 81 Spr 3

Skill Layout at level 20:

Level 30:

Training Location: HeiHarp>Frozen Valley>Nunvice>Parca Temple

At level 34 you can now enter the Nunvice Instance Dungeon. This is the best place to train until lvl 45~50 in regards to exp per hour. At level 35 you can enter the back section of Parca Temple, good exp back there.

Stats at level 30: Str 8 Dex 18 Heal 131 Spr 3

Skill Layout at level 30:

Level 40:

Training Location: Nunvice>Upper Frozen Valley>Norak 2nd Floor>Castor Cave 2nd Floor

Nunvice is still the best place to train until lvl 45~50 in regards to exp per hour. The second choice location is what is known as the "E Room" in Norak 2nd Floor (N2). Here is a picture of the "E Room" :

Stats at level 40: Str 8 Dex 18 Heal 181 Spr 3

Skill Layout at level 40:

Level 50:

Training Location: Norak 2nd Floor>Castor Cave 2nd Floor>"88" in Crespo

Continue to grind in the "E Room" until level 55. At level 55 you may now enter the Crespo Map! The best spot to train from now until level 60 will be at the location called "88." Here is "88" on the crespo map:

Stats at level 50: Str 8 Dex 18 Heal 221 Spr 3

Skill Layout at level 50:

Level 60:

Training Location: Crespo Dungeon C/B runs

Now you are able to enter the Treasure of Crespo Instance Dungeon! You may now join in your first DP (Dungeon Party) This dungeon costs 300k per run and that cost is divided amongst the pt members who enter. The 300k is paid by whomever is the first to enter and all the other members drop their share once in the dungeon for the party leader to pick up. (ie 6 man pt = 50k, 5 man pt = 66k, 4 man pt = 75k)

Crespo DP tips:

-"Fast C/B/A runs" are when the party fights through the dungeon up until the Coffin Monsters then "relogg" to get out of the dungeon. This takes about 10~15 minutes depending on your pt level and is the fastest way to get xp.

-Look for wingers or 90+ players hanging out around the dungeon, they often offer free Full C runs to lowbies while they are farming Argates. This means you get to go in dungeon for free and just watch as they run the dungeon all the while getting free xp. Remember if you are running with these high levels THEY DO NOT need your help, just stay out of the way and do not try and fight along with them. Doing so will most likely just irritate them and not offer to let you come for free again. A pt of 2 wingers can complete the dungeon in about 15 minutes if they are organized, which gives you about twice the xp in the same amount of time doing a "fast run" with a pt of players around your level.

-At level 65 try a solo C run for fun. You should be able to complete a full run by yourself with some practice. This will get you an argate and some gems so you can start saving up money for when you get high enough for the coveted T3 gloves/boots/pants in your 80's and for a nice bow/xbow at lvl 90.

Stats at level 60: Str 8 Dex 18 Heal 271 Spr 3

Skill Layout at level 60:

Level 70:

Training Location: Crespo DP > Draco CQs

I still recommend Crespo as the best xp until level 80, but it does get boring so we have a new map to go to at 65 which is Draco Desert. The best xp although is still in Crespo doin Fast B/A runs.

I know you can get into the Draco Desert map at level 65, but the only thing worth doing there is Commissioned Quests (CQs) and if you are only 65 you just get 1 CQ thats just a waste of time. So I recommend going to Draco at level 70 to run both the level 70 and level 75 CQs when you get high enough. Any other CQ in Draco is not worth your time or money, so do not do them.

Stats at level 70: Str 8 Dex 18 Heal 321 Spr 3

Skill Layout at level 70:

Level 80:

Training Location: Python L1/L2

All you need to do until level 90 now is grind in Python L1/L2. Enter the map and ask if they are any slots in L1/L2 and go to whichever area has a spot open. Once you get there you will easily get the hang of things. Just follow the driver and aoe when everyone else does.

Here is a map of the two locations:

Stats at level 80: Str 8 Dex 18 Heal 371 Spr 3

Skill Layout at level 80:

Level 89~90 Transition:

At level 90 I recommend you throw away those noob weapons and switch to a Bow/Xbow/dagger tribuild.

This is where you will be using one your free reskill and restat that you are offered. The stat reset is done by talking with Kata located in Parca Temple. The skill reset is done at your skill master in either Loa or Braiken.

Buy an inexpensive level 85 bow and xbow, no more than +5. Save your money for good level 95 weapons. You will go from 90-95 very quickly anyways.

As for your dagger, go with the highest dagger you can get while staying under the strength requirement of your xbow. Which means the level 72 dagger with the level 85 xbow/bow and the level 78 dagger with the level 95 xbow/bow.

Recommended stats at level 90: Str 38 Dex 205 Heal 214 Spr 3

Recommended Tri-build Skill Layout at level 90:

I know there is alot of controversy over going tribuild at level 90, but really V-Shot only needs to be at level 1 for the effect. That gives you 9 free skill points to use in dagger so you can use dead-spin. Plus you have 4 extra skill points which you can add into any of your other skills or use for fishing, like I do.

You are on your own now, good luck with the rest of your time in 2Moons. Cool

*EDIT* For those that do not want a tri-build here is my recommended skill layout at 90. The only difference is that V-Shot is maxed. Still with 4 points left over.

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