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เทคนิคการเล่น (tecnic) เควส (quest) สกิล (skill) การอัพสกิล (up skills) มอสเตอร์ (monster) ไอเทม (item) ดันเจี้ยน (dungent) การใช้เมนู (menu) การเล่นเบื้องต้น videoการเล่นdekaron ของอาชีพทั้ง 6 คือ Azure Knight , Bagi Warrior, Incar Magician , Segita Hunter , Segnale , Vicious Summoner

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2Moons is a free MMORPG video game published by Acclaim under the direction of David Perry. The game is an adaptation of Korean MMORPG Dekaron by GameHi for the North American market, featuring a new story line. Closed beta testing ended March 7th, 2007. The open beta testing phase, which began July 30th, 2007, has experienced several delays. Previously, a commercial launch was planned for the summer of 2007, but due to the open beta delay, Acclaim has been unable to give an official launch date for the game. As stated by David Perry, Acclaim is "the new kid on the block" in the MMORPG market, and they have had many issues to fix while preparing for the open beta launch of the title.

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Dekaron :Segnale leveling guide

Here is a 2Moon guide of segnale leveling.Hopefully the article can help you. I believe you will learn something from it.When you create a new segnale, the best place in my opinion would be to go to Loa Castle. It's alot easier to navigate.

Right when you spawn, run outside of the town and you should find some:

Level 1-4

Level 2

Level 4

After you get to about level 4-5, you can move up to the next monster. These levels are extremely easy, you shouldn't need much help.

Level 4-8:

Level 6

Level 8

You should kill Argama till your about level 8, they can be found in Loa's map also along with a couple Mollusks.
You shouldn't need to worry about pots, just don't aggro more than 1 of them at a time, kill 1 off and move to the next one. These levels should be extremely easy.

Level 8-15

Once you get to level 8 and get your nice new skills from your job instructor. You can move on to North Morte. You simply go North in the map your in(Loa's) and you'll come to it. (Press M to see your whole map and look at the top and you'll see the way to North Morte.)

Level 8

Level 10

Level 12

Level 14

When you get there, first thing I started killing was some more of the Mollusks and some Cerberus, after I leveled once or twice, you can move onto Cerberus/Langramas. Don't worry, they don't auto aggro, so just make sure you stick to attacking only one until it's dead. After you get to ~12-14 you should mainly stick to killing Langrama and Aramon until your level 15.

Level 15-18

Once you get to level 15, you should move on to Denebes, to get their, simply click M(Map) and look for Denebes on the map. Make your way over there. Once you get there, go to your east and go into the town. Look on your Minimap and you should see a yellow square, that's the towns chief. Go talk to him and one of the options will be to reset your retsarting point to that towns teleporter. So do that, now incase you ever die, you'll respawn in that town instead of having to walk all the way back there. Now for the monsters:

Level 16

Lizardman Knight:
Level 18

Mainly stick to the Lizardman's for the earlier part of your levels for this section, because the Knights auto-aggro and you'll be in trouble if you have a mob chasing you. After you get to a decent level and your comfortable with your skills/health/pots then move up to the Lizardman Knights also till your level 18. Once you get to 18, you should head over to Norak Cave. Simply click the M(Map) again to see where it is and head on over there.

Level 18-22

Once you get into Norak Cave, there will be 3 monsters you should focus on leveling on.

Crude Nightmare:
Level 17

Level 21

Yetirion Bow:
Level 24

The Crude Nightmare's are the easier of this trio, so you should probably head over there. I'll make a map to these places after this gets more organized, but for now, you head down the little ramp right when you spawn in Norak Cave, cross the little stream, and go back up the ramp right across from you, you'll go through this somewhat door figure, just keep heading down and eventually you'll come to this 3 way split, keep heading down until you come to a place where you can see a huge dragon skeleton, this little part of the land is basically all Crude Nightmares. So you should train here for a level or two. After that head on over to Yetirion's/Yetirion Bow's, you can level up on either. The Bow's auto-aggro, I don't remember if the Yetirion's do. They do low damage so you don't need to worry about having 2 shooting at your at the same time. So keep leveling up on these till your about level 22-23. Once you get to that level, you can head over to Heiharp.

Level 22-34
Note to self: Add an AOE guide for these levels

Once you get into Heiharp's map, you'll see a big change in weather. It's snowing now . Look at your Map(M) and you'll see at the top there's a place called Parka Shrine, so get your pots ready, and run over there, you'll get targeted alot since every monster on this map auto-aggros. Just make sure your HP doesn't dip too low and keep making your way to Parka Shrine. Once inside, the lady infront of you can reset your ressurection point to Parka Shrine, as you can see there is a teleport to the east. So set it and go back outside. This place is great for parties. You should mainly try staying away from the hunters because they can be quite annoying when you have 1 or 2 Penril Knight's chasing you. So either party or solo on the Penril Knights, try to make sure you set yourself up for a 1 on 1 since you don't want to get mobbed.

Penril Knights:
Level 30

Penril Hunters:
Level 31

Penril Fighters:
Level 32

Penril Warriors:
Level 33

Level 35

Level 38:

I truly suggest just staying here in Heiharp instead of wandering away, there are some other places, but I found this to be the easiest once you learn how to AOE train party, and since you have a couple levels to go, it's quite easy to learn. If you do get bored though, you can always go to the NW or NE of the Heiharp's map and you'll find some other monsters that are a little higher(Penril Fighters/Warriors, Sasquaches, and Frizkahns, but I tried there and the spawn wasn't all that great.

How to AOE Train Party:
-Will post a link to a guide after I go find it-

Level 34-48

Finally level 34! You made it now it gets a little easier for the levels up to 40. I do have to say, level 1-34 is alot harder than 34-40. Once you make it to level 34, Get the latest equips you can get that are better than the ones your wearing, upgrade whatever you can, buy some HP/MP pots, don't worry about equips room since you won't be finding any besides 1 slot items. And don't worry about money, you can spend it all on upgrading items, just make sure you keep ~40k-50k for extra incase you die a couple times trying dungeon. So now you made it into the dungeon levels, you can head over to the Requies Beach and look in your Map(M) and you'll see a white dot in the middle. Head over to it and talk to the Big Monument for the dungeon. It'll cost you 10k to go inside and you'll have 30 minutes to complete it.

Do not expect to complete this AT ALL at your current level. Do not get discouraged if you die or screw up, your just learning how to do this dungeon, my first time I only made it to the maze and didn't even beat it before my time ran out, our attacks aren't that strong yet and we are new here, but the good thing is, we still get great exp considering how much we were used to getting.

Annoying part that will discourage you a little is the other classes will all outlevel you here, they can finish this dungeon faster than us, some of them have AOE's others don't get interrupted as much and summoners have their pets. Still, if you wanted to be like them, then why are you here? Segnales <3.>

Here is a link to a Dungeon guide: I started killing the Frizkhans from the sealed statues at level 45 100% for exp since I finally got Fast Heal which helps you incredibley.

Here is the guide for the dungeon: This guide shows how to do the whole dungeon, I suggest only completing up to the maze part for a couple levels, even though that's probably only where you'll get for now, and then you can start killing the Frizkhans in the inner room, and once you get high enough you can kill the Sealed ones also.

Level 48-55
Note to self: Record how to AOE party at Peccares and a good spot

Once you get up to level 48, you have two choices, you can either continue doing dungeon runs, but your exp diminishes every level you get, so it'll start to get very slow(Compared to what your used to), or you can start AOE training in Norak/Caster Cave 2. I personally did Dungeon up until level 50, because at the time, there were very few AOE parties in Norak/Castor Cave 2 and I couldn't find any(I was in Abaddon). But if your hitting these levels now, it might be good to switch to Norak/Castor Cave 2 since there will be more and more parties popping up, unless it's too overcrowded in which Dungeon might be the better alternative. So just make your way to level 50 either with dungeon, or start AOE partying. To AOE party, you basically find a place on the map, that has a nice spawn and mob of monsters, which suits your parties # of players, and you run around "pulling" them until you have a huge "train" following you. You then stop either in a wall/corner, or you circle the mob so they all get very close until you can AOE all them. Once they are all together, all your AOErs will start attacking, and you start healing basically. After you finish the mob, heal your party back to full, and whenever I finished a mob, I like to put Fast Healing on whoever dies the most/has the lowest HP, because when your pulling the monsters you can get hit often when you are turning etc and since it's not a wise choice to stop and heal because your monsters will stop and start attacking you. Once you finish them all, you start again, collecting the monsters, and repeating this.

I'll FRAPS a video of the place I enjoyed AOE partying at in Norak Cave 2, and show you how to be the puller later this week when I have more time. For now, I'll just let that information guide you, and hopefully you can get it perfect with trial and error and perhaps more experienced members.

These are the monsters you'll most likely encounter while doing AOE parties:

Level 54

Lasputin Knight:
Level 56

Lasputin Fighter:
Level 59

Level 62

Lasputin Frailer:
Level 64

Level 55-60
Note to self: Update with videos on 88:88 spot and "train" mobbing.

Woo! Finally, made it into Crespo. I'm sure you've heard about this place by now, maybe even heard it was hard, a little scared that you'll let your party die too much?'s true ;o. If you can't handle your healing skills and don't have the right amount of HP, you will get slaughtered here if your not too careful. The deadly force in this map isn't so much the damage these things inflict, but the numbers that come after you. In Norak/Castor Cave 2, you could pull a measly 2 monsters per person train. Here in Crespo, it's 4 monsters per person . And with Summoner, their pets add another 4 monsters that can be pulled.

Now there's 2 ways to basically AOE party here. You can either get a party, have them all follow the puller, and he runs around collecting the mobs till it's a size your all comfortable with, and then you kill and repeat. Or you can go to the "sweet/hot spot". This "hot spot" is 88:88(Coordinates). It's basically right inbetween a high spawning part of the map. And right on 88:88 is a rock which you can use as your "home" base sort of. So you put most of your party on this rock, and then ~2-3 people, will go out in each direction, pull 4 monsters, and bring them back to the rock, and then you all attack them. Well, you heal them while they attack them until you get cursefield. Both methods work very well, and you'll be getting ~1% per mob at level 55. It's very good exp. It'll slow down a little at 58+ but just stand through it and get to your cursefield level. Once you get cursefield, you'll most likely be hit with a huge motivation to level like I was. I even soloed the whole level 59-60 without a party(I'm usually a party person since we kind of suck solo without our AOE). It's SOOO great finally having an AOE, I was obsessed with it :]. Healing in party also get's alot easier, because your cursefield constantly knocks back the lower leveled monsters, so all you have to worry about is the big guys, which you can easily take care of your party with Hyper Heal.

I'll post some videos later this week of how to do the 88:88 spot and how to "train these".

Monsters you can look forward to seeing when doing AOE parties:

Captian Frozen Giant:
Level 60

Captian Catastroph:
Level 65

Level 75

Level 80

Level 60-65
Note to self: Update this more thoroughly

Do Dungeons C/B in Crespo.
Costs 300k to enter, and you can enter in with a party, so you usually just split the money.
6 Members: 50k Each
5 Members: 60k Each
4 Members: 75k Each
3 Members: 100k Each
2-1: Don't even try till your high 6x's-7x
I'll update this part of the guide once I clear these levels, currently level 63, will be 65 tomorrow night, so will probably update it then. I'll upload some videos to youtube later this week also so you can get a look on how to do it, or at least how I do it.

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